H e x a g o n t r u t h

Hexagon Truth is an interdisciplinary digital artist working in partnership with the Global Hexagonal Awareness Project. His work explores the nature of hexagonal consciousness and hexagonal identity through a variety of generative, mathematical modalities, using tools such as cellular automata, fragment shaders, and 3D modeling.

He presently lives in St Petersburg, Florida with his two Christmas cacti, and spends his free time writing about himself in the third person.

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Some related hexagonal work. Hexnet is a legacy hexagonal awareness site with a history stretching back to the '90s. Minhalma implements the board game Sterhalma (commonly known by the regrettable name "Chinese checkers") for up to six human or AI players. Hexular is a browser-based tool for developing and recording hexagonal cellular automata — check out our YouTube channel for some examples of its output.